Preventing canker sores and a suggested canker sore treatment

As part of the Quantum Health Oral care Series, we have produced a series of videos on canker sores – causes, prevention, treatments, remedies. In this video, dentist Dr. Chris Kammer highlights some tips for preventing canker sores.

Canker sores may be small, but they are painful. By understanding canker sore causes, you may be able to prevent the occurrence.

Canker sores are painful blisters that form on the inside of the mouth, cheeks, and inner lips, as well as on the tongue, affecting 56 million people annually.If left untreated, they can last from seven to 21 days, causing pain each time you eat, drink, chew, or move your mouth.

While nobody knows for sure what causes canker sores, possibilities include increased stress, lower immunity, trauma such as cheek bites or irritation from braces, vitamin B12 or iron deficiencies, hormonal changes or food allergies.

Here are some tips to reduce the occurrence of canker sores:

  1. If you are very prone to canker sores, keep a food diary and make note of the foods you eat prior to an outbreak. Some believe that acidic and spicy foods can increase the likelihood of a canker sore, so you may have to reduce them if you find them to be problematic.
  2. Since some canker sores may result from iron and vitamin B deficiencies, it can be beneficial to get more of these nutrients by eating more fortified cereals, beans, meat, and seafood.
  3. Use natural toothpaste that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) often found in regular toothpastes, since some canker sores may be caused by the foaming associated with SLS.
  4. If you are wearing a dental appliance or have braces, ensure proper fit and comfort with your dentist or orthodontist, since friction from these appliances and wires can result in canker sores.
  5. Stress is highly linked to decreased immunity, which maybe another of those canker sore causes.  Try to reduce your stress levels.

Of course, despite your best efforts to prevent them, you may still get the occasional outbreak.

Dr. Chris Kammer now recommends Canker Cover, which is a muco-adhesive gel patch made with natural active ingredients. It adheres to the sore, like a bandage, relieving the pain and protecting it from irritants. Uniquely, Canker Cover speeds treatment, healing most sores within 24 hours.

For more information on preventing canker sores, and other Oral Health care issues, please visit the Canker Cover website.

Or view other videos as part of this Quantum Health Oral Care Video series on YouTube.

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2 Responses to Preventing canker sores and a suggested canker sore treatment

  1. Norman Talon says:

    The canker sores I’ve encountered are caused by a variety of things, but mostly it appears from injuries. In my case it is often food, hard or tough to chew foods. These sores make it hard to eat or sleep. I have found your product, canker cover to be one of the most effective ways for controlling the pain associated with those two activities.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Just to add up, Canker sores may also sprout from nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, making it more important that you’re on a healthy diet. The vitamins and minerals that are discovered to trigger canker sores if you lack them are zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, selenium, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. Have a blood test done or consult a doctor to right away to help you on how to get rid of a canker sore.

    Hope this will help,

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