Buzz Away 2010 Contest – Mosquito!

In 2010 we held the BuzzAway Extreme Video Competition.
A competition to make an amusing short video on the subject of BuzzAway, mosquitos and natural mosquito repellent.
Here is one of the top 10 winners from that competition – with a simple title ‘Mosquito!’ and an atmospheric scary / sci-fi theme…be quite concerned for this helpless victim of the dreaded mosquitoes!

You can view the other videos on our QuantumHealth YouTube Channel, and if you’re feeling inspired – come join in and make a video for this years competition!

You could win $1000 !
After years of customer satisfaction and plenty of independent testing, the leading choice in America for natural mosquito repellent is the BuzzAway Extreme range.
Mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no see ums are repelled in the most effective chemical free way with our line of Buzz Away mosquito repellents and outdoor
protection products. We protect your family from irritating insect bites and itching!

This natural insect repellent is all-natural, highly effective and chemical-free.
More information is available on our QuantumHealth Natural Products website.

So come and visit.And Submit your video competition entry.
And find out even more about our products, grab a coupon, or locate a store selling our products.
Oh and by the way – keep looking out and voting for those funny video competition entries!

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