Dr Christopher Kammer on Cold Sore Triggers

This is the text of a video by dentist Dr. Christopher Kammer on cold sore triggers.

Some patients who suffer from cold sores never know when one will suddenly appear. Others are aware of definite triggers foods, illness, or sunlight, for example that may cause a Herpes Simplex Virus 1 outbreak.

Studies show that 80% of adult Americans carry the herpes virus.  But only about one third of those infected with the virus get cold sores.  What’s going on here ? Why does the same virus cause outbreaks in some people, and not in others?  Can people learn how to avoid triggering outbreaks?

Unfortunately, there are no certain answers.  Some people learn how to avoid triggering outbreaks, and some never do.

There are no guarantees, but here are some suggestions worth trying:

  1. Get an allergy test.  Allergies may be the single most important trigger.
  2. Reduce emotional and physical stress consider practising a relaxation technique, like yoga or deep breathing.Super Lysine Plus+ Tablets
  3. Maintain a healthy immune system.  Eat a healthy diet and consider supplementing your diet with lysine and immune-boosting nutrients. One supplement Dr Kammer particularly likes is Super Lysine Plus tablets.
  4. Protect your lips from the sun and wind.  Sun and chapped lips are both common triggers.

Remember more than 50% of adult Americans carry the Herpes Simplex 1 virus but never get cold sores.  Follow these tips and maybe you can become one of them.

From the QuantumHealth Video Series

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